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Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Duck Hunt

Southern Cross Adventures Argentina

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With over 16 years of experience, this is our passion and love affair with our land. We anxiously await the opportunity to share it with you!

Southern Cross Adventures Argentina

Why Us?

Southern Cross Adventures is one of Argentina’s newest outfitters to the worlds top duck hunting destination. We offer hunts from an established estancia, and ponds and potholes that produce an astounding duck population. The reason for such duck numbers is the abundance of available food and water coupled withe fact that the residents seldom hunt.
We are located near the Town of Lincoln, which over the past 15 years has experienced increased rainfall which has created the ideal waterfowl habitat.Within the Lincoln area increased rainfall over the past fifteen years along with an extensive grain production have created ideal waterfowl conditions by providing vast amounts of marshes, ponds, lakes and potholes allowing superior feeding and roosting nearby.



We have 12 different species in this part of the country

Yellow Billed Pintail

Ring Teal

Rosy Billed Pochards

Red Shoveler

White Faced Whistling Duck

Southern Widgeon

Fulvous Tree Duck

Cinnamon Teal

Speckled Teal

White Cheeked Pintail

Silver Teal

Black Headed Duck

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The Lodge

A friendly and well trained staff will encourage our guests to lounge about as if they were part of the family enjoying a fine home and duck hunting club.


Lincoln city area


Accommodates up to 8 hunters and non-hunters


Breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner